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sad Grian when are you going to upload a vid on two much grian Oh Grian... End the seize fire with a bang... If you know what I mean. The mannerism he uses to gesture him to draw reminds me of Andy Kaufman. In fact, he just got more and more strange after method action Andy for his role in Man on the moon. POULTRY MAN IS GRAINS CAT OMG I KNOW IT ITS GRAINS CAT



Doc joked that u Base looks like a water cleaner

Although this may not be comedy, I still love what he does

That’s interesting!!” The guy said he was lost and Jim gave him a snow globe with ppl in it”....🤔😲😲😲




It's too late. He has been type-cast like Jethro Bodine and Gomer Pyle. Always going to be a Joker like in Dumb and Dummer.

Jim Carey is a genius

Weird movie no lines or script to remember. Hmm. I didn't see it but does he speak at all or is he playing a mute??

Build a tnt cannon pointing at the other team base 🌚🌚🌚

where can I downloa... umm I mean watch this on Netflix?

You should get mumbo on your side and make him a triple agent so he tells you secret information from the other team and gives false information to the other team about the g-team.

The first thing I thought when I saw your tower was that it looked like some odd sort of water filter! But I can totally see an avengers type tower, keep it up man!.

Montreux Comedy Festival -

Best Of - 2017 Free Download No Sing Up


I legit thought at first that you were building a giant Wii.

Do a villager protest at the villager thing!!! Your base has been called alot of things like flower pot, but the G team HQ looks like a giant fancy water filter I would cherish that snow glob for the rest of my life. Clarisimo, gracias Jim. Movie is a different roll for Jim!! Dont forget Jim Was on In Living Color.

liar liar






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